To the ASS Admins,

U claim to promote freedom of speech and will uphold this principle for all Singaporeans including those who are the dumb 70%. Now lets see if u keep your promise and have the #ballsofsteel to practise wat u preach and publish dis.

yesterday u reported that a PRC man was creating havoc in Changi Airport, climbing all over the counter causing a standoff with police for almost 2 hours. u report that he do this because he did not want to be sent back to China.

but is this true? was the man from China like u ASS claim? No! The man is from Vietnam not China and the man was reported by the police to be of ‘UNSOUND MIND’. he did not do this because he was wilful or inconsiderate, he did becus he is crazy.

u ASS fabricate story say he is from China, trying to make Singaporeans angry with PRC rite? trying to create xenophobia in Singapore? do u dare to expose your own wrongs? prove it u ASS

Charlene Wong
A.S.S. Contributor

Editor’s Note: We thank the author for her contribution and, yes ASS has the balls to admit when we make a mistake. We apologize for the error in reporting the individual’s nationality as PRC when he was a Vietnamese national. We will work harder faster better to get these facts right in future.

As some stories are developing and fluid, such facts are reported by our eyewitnesses at the scene who may not have the full facts. We strive to make the necessary changes in such inaccuracies when alerted by our helpful readers. We have since removed the erroneous article.

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