Terrible dining experience at serenity @ vivocity

My friend and I came into the serenity for dinner. We ordered foie gras and a seafood paella, the foie gras is not fresh and one of the mussel is spoilt, we inform the staff but he came back from the kitchen and told us thats how its suppose to taste. We then inform the manager but all he can offer was to give us 1 mussel which is ridiculous as the spoilt mussel could have contaminated the dish! As this is totally unacceptable we request the manager to waive off the dish and we will pay for the foie gras and leave, not sure if he was paying attention but when we request to waive off the seafood paella he said ok! We proceed to made payment but was shocked to find out we were still being billed for it!

Such terrible service is uncalled for and they are not even apologetic…We end up having to call the police and but it appears that the boss and manager refuse to budge and it was after the security came then we were offered 10% off the bill!

By the way, the boss said that the same batch of seafood will not spoil even if its from morning till 8pm! What nonsense is this! Such is the STANDARD of a restaurant! WHERE IS THE QUALITY CONTROL!

Please revert ASAP! This is causing inconvenence as its 9pm and we havent had our dinner yet!

Please spread this message. Their service level is really below average…

Li Ying
A.S.S. Contributor

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