I want to relate my bad experience with “buy on behalf agent” formerly known as 65Daigou but now changed their name to “ezbuy” and the general qualities you will receive when buying things from China.

I ordered a small 7″ LCD monitor found in the Taobao online store platform through this buy-on-behalf agent 65Daigou. Sadly the item came defective with streaks of white lights on the screen as you can see in the photo. So I wrote to them with the photo evident hoping they were resolve it. Sadly, they will not hesitate to tell you that it is not their responsibility and “not in their refund policy” and denial of any responsibility of packing. Furthermore they emphasized that 65daigou will not provide any basic function checks which can be found in their web site.

Don’t let them fool you. Because as this item is hosted in Taobao platform, its has various buyers protection and return and refund policy like ebay. So the catch with this so call “buy-on-behalf agent” is that they will continue to make your money and expect you to pay to send back the product to china!. Well no choice, I thought I would have to part with some money, expecting to send the item back to their office under their return policy [in the help page]…. To my surprise, they expect customer to courier the item back to their china office themselves and suggested me to use registered singpost mail to do it… “WTF”… so you think its “ezbuy”….. I think it meant “easy careless buying” giving customer full loads of trouble. Their return policy meant, return to china.. so please read carefully.

While some of the items in china are cheaper, but I want to advise against potential buyers using their service. Do not buy anything that need to be operated example requiring function..example watch, radio, calculator, toys etc almost anything literally…except maybe clothing.. cause they don’t have the knowledge and people to check for you. Beware of price that are cheap because quality may had been compromised for example electrical items with aluminium wound motor instead of copper thus higher electrical consumption, noise, heat etc…and items that look real but are fake.

Are they really cheap. I think not. Firstly customer are made to deposit and pay in advance. Secondly their conversion rate is always in their favour example it is always worst than credit card rate or bank rate.

It seems wiser to buy things of value directly with seller example through taobao, ebay and paypal platform. I am thinking that their service [65daigou/ezbuy] is really unreliable, horrible and poor. what do you think?

ASS Contributor

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