I had the worst ride in my entire life with a Uber driver named kim hua, car plate no. SGM2510E.

My family and I boarded the vehicle at AMK Hub and we informed him of the route that we preferred. He replied ok. With my entire family with me, I was expecting it to be just another ride. Who knows that the below would happen.

When he took the wrong turn, I told him that he should have gone straight just as what we’ve told him earlier on. I was actually expecting just a half-hearted apology but instead, he got defensive and kept repeating louder and louder that he just followed the GPS. Irritated, I told him off, stating that we’ve already informed him way earlier of our preferred route. If he couldn’t understand what we were saying, he could have asked.

While continuing to drive, he started to keep turning his head to the back seat glaring at me and shouting that he wasn’t at fault, he just followed the GPS, at most he can turn back.

Agitated, I replied, “Oh my mother, it wouldn’t make a difference if you turn back. Just continue.”

Who knows he started sprouting strings of vulgarities! What’s worse was that he turned into the road to Sembawang Airbase and stopped. He then chased us out of his car while refusing to open up the trunk to let us access to our stuff.

I tapped on the boot and gestured to him to open up while saying I’ll call the police if he doesn’t. He then unlocked the boot and got off the car. He came very near to me threatening to hit me. I moved away from him and held up my phone to call the police.

He then got into his vehicle, still glaring at me and shouting vulgarities. Before driving off, he threatened me, saying that he knows my place and my face. I am now on my way to make a police report.

Fellow fb friends, pls make this ah beng infamous by sharing this post. Thank you.

Lovelyn Sng
A.S.S. Contributor

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