Dear ASS,

Hi, I’d just like to weigh in on the Singaporean vs ang moh males issue.

But first! Disclaimer: Don’t bash me ok – to each his own. So this is just my preference, I’m not speaking up for anyone else.

I’m really not sure if this mindset (how some Singaporeans prefer ang mohs, both males and females) stems from the time when European countries had built themselves large empires, but you have to admit that they appeared to be powerful and authoritative to our ancestors, so much so that other races in their colonies began to see them as superior. (Does being able to invade and colonise your nation equate to being superior? In a sense, yes, right?? Can any bio students weigh in on whether mindsets may be hereditary?)

Today, I’m sure that most people, including me, no longer retain the mindset that white people are overall, superior compared to Asians. However, we are genetically inclined to be more attracted to physically appealing people. And GENERALLY, many white people, both males and females, are better-looking. Just look at them intense coloured eyes (we Singaporeans have to use coloured contact lenses) and sharp jawlines!

And regarding white males, most are taller – it’s in their genes – than Asians. Some females prefer taller males because they appear to provide a greater sense of protection (being physically bigger everywhere). Can’t say the same for white females as some males feel inferior to taller females…

I used to like kPop and even idolised some male stars cos they have a pretty face and were good singers/dancers. But gradually, I started feeling put off the more I saw how they were, many times, forced to do the Korean aegyo for their fans. I know that was all for humour and to tease them, but that is just decreasing their manliness, right? I know how kPop fans are very unforgiving, please don’t wage a fanwar on me…

All in all, I would be more attracted to an ang moh over a Singaporean male anyday. That being said, no, I don’t purposely create opportunities to speak to ang mohs or change my accent when talking to them. It is possible for a Singaporean to be thoroughly ok with my race but prefer ang mohs right?

TL;DR – personally I would be more attracted to an ang moh not because I view them as superior to us, but because generally they look better.

A.S.S. Contributor

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