Dear A.S.S,

there is an ongoing problem with the driver’s app which grab has not resolved. I believe resolving it will really help and motivate the drivers a lot.

when i turn on the apps on my Android phone, while waiting for booking, i will use my phone and toggle between different functions of my phone.

many times, if it happens that a trip booking comes in when I just happened to toggle between from one page to another, i can hear the notification tone but cant see the booking. even if

I will go to the grab driver’s apps, the booking wont be shown and the next thing is the apps will be locked cos it will be deem that I didnt accept the booking.

this is very frustrating cos i want the trip (after all, i am waiting for a trip) and I get my trip cancellation % affected of no fault of mine.

I noticed this problem since I was a full time driver in Sept 2015. Then I feedback and the call centre would tell me that no one else gave such feedback. just asked me to delete and downlaod the apps again. of course, that did not solve the problem.

recently, my friends also encountered the same problem and when they called into the call centre, they were told the same thing – no one has called in to feedback about this problem!!
Emailing the support has gotten no reply and no actions too.

I hope Grab will really spend some time and effort to resolve this problem. just get your techinican to try out the apps and they will surely encounter the problem.

Peter Chua
A.S.S Contributor

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