Dear A.S.S,

I am unsure whether to laugh out loud or mock the silliness of this particular resident or is government planted Mdm Wu in plain denial?

I hope she will take it from an Aljunied resident under direct contact with Murali in Paya Lebar of the pretense of most PAP representatives whether they are elected or otherwise. PM Lee said he had “full faith” in Murali when he sent him to Paya Lebar to battle Mr Chen and in the process, made all kinds of false promises. We recently discovered his heart was “still in Bt Batok” and he “never really left there”. If he indeed felt so strongly about Bt Batok, then why did he agree to step out of BB to bluff Aljunied residents who are mere pawns in the eyes of the PAP leadership? This only goes to show that PAP candidates are simply unable to express genuine dissent and are robots meant to be controlled by their central leadership.

Bt Batok residents: “Can you really depend on Murali to curtail the government on critical issues such as National Identity, Constant Raising of Taxes and Fares but Artificially Suppressing your Wages, Cutting Back on Important and Necessary Healthcare and Social Spending while giving generously to corporate entities as well as holding Lim Swee Say accountable for promises made during the last election on Job Security! If your answer is no or 1 of uncertainty, you should know what to do by sending the PAP a very strong signal and obtain double care in the process of retaining Murali as the advisor to Bt Batok grassroots organizations.

In Paya Lebar during insincere letter writing sessions only once a month, many of the residents feedback to government agencies are masked and only palatable portions are sent to the various parliamentary secretaries and ministers of state who take it as a pinch of salt and reject the request anyway. So if it’s going to be the same when you vote PAP candidates after election time, you might as well send the opposition to parliament where you can at the very least, get a double portion of benefits from both!

Michael Ng
A.S.S Contributor

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