I gained experience as a police officer today and you might have been a bit surprised seeing me patrol the Nee Soon area together with officers from the Yishun North NPC Community Policing Unit!

And yes police officers do wear shorts now (again actually as long ago they all wore shorts)! Not many people know about the Community Policing Unit who conduct foot and bicycle patrols to build closer relationships with community stakeholders.

I decided to join them today to learn more about their work, experience it first-hand and also personally show them appreciation for all that they do for us. Started at 7.30am and we engaged stall owners in Nee Soon, spoke to preschoolers, engaged foreign workers at their dormitory, did a roadshow at the Yishun Bus Interchange and patrolled Northpoint. It was a hectic day and I’m very glad I gained this experience.

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world to live in, largely because of our dedicated and passionate Home Team officers. They put their lives on the line to protect us and every day they put their heart and soul into keeping Singapore safe. I’m extremely honoured to be part of this team and am proud of their work.

Thank you especially to SSSGT Clarence and SSGT Khairul for teaching me so much today and showing me the amazing work you do. My heartfelt thanks also to all Home Team Officers for being our guardians.

Time for some food and honestly, my butt hurts from all that cycling 😛

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