We were on a staycation, and after we got back to our room in the evening, I took a shower and went to sleep because I was tired. I woke up with my pants off and him trying to penetrate me.

Is there any action I can take against him? Also, would I need to get my parents involved? (19 this year) I don’t know if this can count as an attempted rape in court (if there isn’t such thing) but there could, at least, be a molestation charge, right?


To those who try and downsize this issue, it’s not some simple thing that you can forget if you were in my (and many people around the world) situations. I guess I am fortunate I wasn’t violently raped but nonetheless I have had a lot of psychological trauma as a result of what he did to me. Countless therapy sessions, suicidal thoughts, and being unable to open up to my family about this, it’s a huge toll.

So if you genuinely don’t think my plight is “nothing much”, I hope you could at least try and refrain from saying these things. I already feel like dirt and a worthless human, and I just need advice on how to take action.

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