Dear Editor,

I’m a resident of Blk 704 Bedok Reservoir Road and have to put up with the nonsense of having several indian nationals who recently moved to the vacant units of the block.

The place was neutral until they arrived and made it very smelly through cooking nothing but only spices and burning smoky incense all day long with noisy bells. Even if their god don’t mind being woken up, we who work the night shifts and the young children do!

To make matters worse, they even marked territory by placing hazardous furniture as if they own the whole place by often calling their whole gang to sit and have loud parties there. (Situation is the same in hospitals where these minorities visit in large numbers and disturb the peace of other patients) They are even allowed special exceptions by HDB to rear prohibited large dogs in their cramped 3 room flat. Feedbacks to the Town Council also fell on deaf ears!

S’poreans are already feeling the uneasy squeeze in jobs and infrastructural amenities and now have to compete with foreigners for leisure space as well? Sorry but will have to agree with MP Denise Phua that this issue will be a walking time bomb in the recession months ahead as the government plans to ramp up the population to 6.9 million regardless!

William Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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