Are you unhappy with the latest developments from the government to regulate the private hired vehicles? Are you unhappy with NTA that the association aren’t doing anything to help taxi drivers?

There are two ways you can do….

1) Terminate your NTA membership

2) Attend your respective association (eg CTOA, STOA etc) general election… Vote out the old committee members! You want change? Then change the committee first… Their general election coming very soon and NTA members, please do not miss the chance to vote out the old committee members, otherwise you going to suffer another four years.

Some drivers wants to hold onto the membership due to two reasons…

1) discount and benefit from NTUC
2) contribution of medisave ( for cdg only)

Let me tell those who want all these benefit is useless…

1) discount or rebate at NTUC fair price. Do you know that NTUC fair price doesn’t sell the cheapest anymore? So what kind of discount you talking about?

2) medisave – if you pay more at the petrol kiosk, you are giving the money for the company to roll… In fact, CPF will give us monthly installments to contribute to your medisave, interest free some more!

You decide! Nobody is going to force you… But what happening lately, is it affecting your rice bowl? Which is more important? Membership or your income?

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