If u are agitated or angered by the picture of the youth who showed his middle finger to the Quran n mocked Muslim prayers, remember the story of a man who tugged Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) shirt..

The Prophet once took a loan from a Jew in order to help a group of villagers who were in financial difficulty..A few days BEFORE the promised date of settlement, the Jew came to the Prophet while he was with his companions. When the Jew got close to the Prophet, he tugged the Prophet’s shirt holding him by the neck and shouted in the Prophet’s face “I didnt know from amongst the family of Banu Abdul Muttalib are those who would delay their repayment of loans!”

Saidina Umar stood up and was about to beat up the Jew when Prophet Muhammad stopped and said “We do not need this from you O Umar. In fact I need you to counsel me to repay the loan in a good way n for u to advise him to claim his loan to me in a gracious manner! Now please help me to bring him to where I have prepared the amount to repay him n u are to add to the amount that I am repaying him for the trauma that you have caused him from your action!”

Saidina Umar then acceeded to Prophet’s request and brought the Jewish man to where the location of the repayment is. Along the way the Jew asked Saidina Umar “O Umar do you know who I am? I am so and so”. Saidina Umar then said “Arent u the famous scholar of the Jewish community? Why did u act like that towards the Prophet?” The Jewish scholar said “I have observed many sign of Prophethood in Muhammad but I have yet to observe one sign with my own eyes!

That sign is the more ignorance n evil is thrown at him, the more gracious he shall be and today I have witnessed it.. Bear witness O Umar that I testify that there is no God but Allah n I bear witness that Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger.. ‪#‎DoGoodBeGood‬ ‪#‎Blindspotmukmin‬ ‪#‎SGMuslimsCare‬ ‪#‎JgnCkpUstazTakPayung‬

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