Attention to all vietnamese ladies:

My sister gets to know this guy thought wechat. They had spoken to each other many times, he mentioned that he is a Singaporean at the age of 40 years old and he searching for a wife, and if both felt right for each other then he will marry immediately.

After 2 months of talking to each other, he decided to go to vietnam and visit her. He stayed in the hotel for 20 days and the cost of the hotel was 400.000Vnd per day. During the time he was staying in Vietnam, he said that he have to save money to buy house for marriage and most of the times when going out with my sister, she had to paid for the food and everything else.

I tried to prevent my sister from doing all these but she said that they are going to marry soon anyway, thus who pay also doesn’t matter. After 20 days when he was preparing to go back to Singapore, he pretended to go to the bank and draw money and of course, he said that the money can’t be drawn, then he asked my sister to help him to pay for the hotel and many other stuffs he had bought for bringing it back to Singapore, which he wanted to give to his friends and family in Singapore. He promised that he will return the money when he is back in Singapore, but after he got back Singapore, he blocked all her contact and deleted all the photos they took together.

After she told me all the story, I used my facebook account to searched for him, to my shock, I saw photos of him with other girl, which was exactly the same he did to my sister previously.

Prior to meeting each other, he always asked my sister to sent him photos of herself and posted it on facebook and viber saying that she is his love.

Money lost is not the issue, but currently my sister is pregnant with his baby and it’s about 2 weeks. Now she is very worried and shocked, she is crying everyday. She thought that she had already found the love of her life and it turned out it was hell. He is now doing the same to other girls.

Please help me to share and prevent other ladies from being cheated by this guy.

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