Please help me in search of my long lost family.

I’m looking for Abdullah Bin Mohamed and Suriah Binte Mat Noor or anyone who are related to them.

Name: Abdullah Bin Mohamed
Occupation: Seaman (in late 50s)
Current Age: 88-95 years old
Race: Malay
Born: Sumatra, Indonesia

Name: Suriah Binte Mat Noor
Current Age: 87 years old
Race: Boyanese
Born: Singapore

Both had a child, Pardi Bin Abdullah and used to live at 44 Lorong 27, Geylang. Suriah was aged 27 when she had Pardi in 1956. Unfortunately, the child was been adopted by a foster family who used to live at Telok Blangah.

I am hoping to either meet them in person or any family members who are related to them.

Please share this and DM me if you know either of them. Thank you!

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