I went with my sister-in-law to buy baby cot at Baby Expo located at AMK Techplace 2. Baby cot arrived with many defects as shown. Whatsapp the lady boss Vivien the photos. At first she told me the small littles holes are staples holes and because the cot is made of wood, it will tends to crack. (I wondered WTF is she talking about. My baby cot, WHICH IS ALSO MADE OF WOOD, has been using for 6 years and still in good condition.) She even told me she’ll only changed the side where there is defects, which means 1 panel to 1 panel, not the whole bed. After telling her many times it’s on all 4 panels, she agreed to change.

Replacement came only after 2 weeks. My mum might not speak nicely to her by saying why the quality of bed is so bad and why they never check before sending it over. Whatever it is, does a lady boss tell the customer $400 thing also want to exchange, that she stayed in a condo, that she 不稀罕 [doesn’t need] our business and that SHE PITIED THEM FOR STAYING AT HDB!

I wasn’t present to witness the incident so I whatapps her to ask about it. Her replied was, I wasn’t her customer so she won’t talk to me. She called me after that. I admit I don’t have a pleasant tone while asking her is it true she said all those things. She said yes and she screamed at the top of her voice like a crazy bitch! Seriously high pitch and her voice almost break. I just hung her off to prevent my ears from getting damaged. Anyway, she took the baby cot back and only will refund back after 7 workings days.

So if anyone wants to buy baby cot from them, make sure you double and triple check before the delivery man hurry off. Reject the goods on the spot is better than getting a replacement and being looked down by the condo-staying lady boss!

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