Less than six months ago a 14 year old boy commited suicide and died… Is history going to repeat itself?

I am a mother of a 16 yr old boy who also had a similar encounter. 2 plainclothes officer showed up at my son’s school and insisted that my son hands over his mobile phone for some investigation with regards to a case that is still ongoing. When my son hand over the phone, the officer insisted he unlock the phone, as my son was scared he did as he was told….. Afterwhich the officer told him that they would need to bring the phone back to the station.

The principal was around by my son and upon hearing that the phone needs to be confiscated, he called me immediately to inform me. After I put the call down, I called my lawyer for his advice and was instructed not to hand over the phone as no warrant letter was provided. I called the school again and told the principal the same thing the lawyer told me but the officer still insisted his way. So I told the principal to get the officer to call my lawyer, which he did and was told that if they insist on taking the phone a warrant letter needs to be provided. Only then did the officer got the HQ to fax over a copy of this so call warrant letter.

At the point I was very worried for my son and was already on my way to the school. When I reach I was told that I was not allowed into the room and was told to wait outside the room…. After 15mins I needed the toilet and went. By the time I was out, I saw the principal who told me that the officer had left. Even though they knew I was waiting for them. I was told by the principal that the officer refused to meet me as he didn’t want any “摩擦”( conflict).

I requested to bring my son back early as I felt that he was really upset and afraid as he was biting his nails, which he is not used to doing and now due to the scare that he had. The school and myself have discussed and decided that counseling may be needed.

I am writing this because I want all parents to know that things like this can happen to anyone. One 14 year old boy is gone I don’t think we need another case to really start thinking of whats best for our children. I am ok that the officer took the phone and agree that investigation should be conducted. But I feel that they should have used the correct approach to do so . Secondly why didn’t the officer speak to me at all and left even though they know I was waiting? Am I not the mother of the child. My son is not dead but do they have to wait for his death before an explanation can be given.

Angry Mother of 16 Year Old Boy
A.S.S. Contributor

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