Dear ASS Editors,

Everyday this uncle keeps moving or pushing his furnitures, dropped his hammer purposely on the floor(I am staying below him). He always did his so-called furnitures restoration between 10.30pm-5am. I don’t understand why he always do these at the room near to the corridor at these timing? I am just sleeping below and i can hear very clearly these noises is from his house.

I ever went up to asked him to stop but he and his wife said it was from their neighbour. Pls lah… whenever i went up, his lights are always on and i could hear sound coming out from his corridor room and all his windows are shut. If it’s not you then why shut? Scare people can hear what you are doing inside? I also called the police twice which i cannot tolerate anymore but. the police said they can’t help much…. but advised that i can seek help from town council.

I also emailed town council twice but no reply. Does that means i have to seek help from MP or sort it with my neighbour instead? Is this what they want us, we the citizens to sort out by ourselves? Wait till we have a fight or anything harsh happens then they come? This uncle and family also always dumped stuffs down from the kitchen window which ever caused my bedsheets to have curry on it, we went up to confront, they said it’s not them, it’s their neighbour.

The other they threw hairs then tissue paper. I went up to confront again, they keep quiet. I told them to go take a look at the kitchen, they dare not go check. He is staying on the highest level which is 16th and i’m staying on the 15th, don’t tell me it’s not them. Shame on your family! So inconsiderate over all these 10yrs!

Frankly speaking, i’m having cancer now and i really need to rest. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY STOP THEM!

Merlyn Chan
A.S.S. Contributor

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