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Here’s what happened:

I bought 2 packages (massage & acupuncture) from this clinic mid last year because i injured my hand. The acupuncture cost me $220 per session. The doctor claimed that those are special needles imported from england. And i was told it was meant for full body and subject to my tolerance level. I naively believe so since it cost so much for a session. However, every each time i went for the treatment, they only treat me on one area. When i questioned that they claimed that i will not be able to take the pain. Despite i insists, they refused to do anything. I felt so cheated. (They only issue pos receipt without stating what the treatment consists too)

2nd incident was i had allow my dad to use my massage package because he sprained his back. When i called up for appointment booking, the receptionist insists that my dad has to consult doctor before treatment. Although i told them not necessary but i thought no harm since its just consultation. My dad was attended my a doctor named Mattew. He did acupunture for my dad without telling my dad is chargable. My dad was even told he can’t use my package if he doesn’t do any other treatment. My dad came back and told me he was asked to pay $80. I was so mad that i called up and confronted the doctor. I told the doctor that we only booked for massage and not acupuncture. He promised to call back after he investigate the matter. Obviously he just ignore me even i rang up many times demanding for his call back.

Initially, i told my dad he could have miss out the charges of the acupuncture. So i did not pursue further. But today, i personally went for my treatment and i experienced the same unprofessional tactics. This time, i booked for an acupuncture session. I was directed to see the doctor immediately after i arrived. He is the owner of the clinic whom license was suspended for 4 months in june 2015. His name is joseph. After his 10mins of diagnose, he asked his assistant to bring me to the room. Shortly after, a male therapist came in. I was curious and i asked if he is perforrming the acupunture for me because this so call special needle treatment can only be performed by the owner himself or his wife who is perpetually on leave by the way. (She was the ine who signed me up) The therapist replied me that the doctor will be in after he is done.

Immediately i sat up and asked what is he intending to do on me. He says the doctor claimed that i need to message first before the acupuncture. It reminded me what happen to my dad. I replied the therpist that i do not need any message and i had just done the massage elsewhere before i came for this treatment. The therapist replied me this: this is instructed by the doctor. And how can your outside massage be the same as ours”. What the hell! Even then, they still did not mention anything about charges. By the way, their massage cost $130 for 40mins. And i ask is it free… he then replied no. So i questioned why must i do it when i don’t need it. Just because the doctor say so?

The therapist saw that i was firmed and dare not insists further.

After a good 30mins wait, finally the doctor, joseph came in. As usual, he mentioned during the diagnose that he is going to treat my shoulder and stomach. But in the end he finish off only on the shoulder without treating my stomach. I guess because i didn’t opt for the massage plus its my last session so he simply can’t be bothered. I was also too frastruated to ask further and left.

The reason i am writing here is because i hope to caution all consumers with their tactics. They like to perform extra services without informing thats chargable up front. Very unprofessional. I also saw someone commented on their facebook who faced similar tactics.

I was lucky to have stopped the therapist earlier due to the incident happened to my dad 2 months ago. So be wary of their unprofessional up selling tactics when visit this clinic. Such practice should not be encouraged. Thanks

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