A video of a fight between a 50 year-old man and a young credit card promoter broke out today at Tampines interchange has gone viral today, with both men seen struggling with each other for a little over 50 seconds.

According to witnesses, the fight took place on Saturday at about 12.10PM near the Tampines bus interchange. The older man was reportedly unhappy with the credit card promoter’s “rude attitude”, which resulted in a heated exchange that escalated into the fight.

The actual fight dragged on for over 10 minutes, with the older man finally being caught in an arm lock around his neck by the credit card promoter, who was heard shouting for his colleagues to call the police. However, the angry old man continued to struggle and punch the younger man in the chest and stomach, kicking and flailing wildly in a frenzy, even losing one of his slippers which flew out in the process.

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