Dear Sir,

It’s been several weeks now and your lift Maintenance crew has yet to rectify sloppy work that they have committed recently.

I believe pictures will clearly explain what I am talking about. And they will be attached as an email reply to avoid this email from bouncing.

1. The panel that should cover the lifts circuits board is fully exposed.

2. Given that there are multiple rat sightings in my neighbourhood I cannot imagine the danger that my fellow residents would be exposed to if rats chose to chew on those exposed lift wires.

3. At least 2 keys that are used to unlock the electrical panels are left in their key holes. This clearly shows that the maintenance crew has failed to do proper checks before they packed up for the day. Now my real concern is did they complete their maintenence work fully before they left or did they leave half way through without completing the required maintenance. Please send a new crew to check on the previous work and ensure safety of the lift system immediately.

4. More wires appear to be left above the electric panels. I can only hope that these are spare wires and not mission critical ones that need to be attached somewhere.

Please look into the matter with top priority to ensure residents safety. I also believe you owe the residents a proper answer and accountability.

Details: Blk 324 Lift lobby “A”. Yishun Central. I am copying MND so that this is taken into consideration during town council performance review.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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