This incident really broke my heart. I just witnessed one of the most disgusting incident that happened in Singapore. You can’t blame me for saying this till you read what I experience 1 hr ago.

I was travelling at lane 1 along PIE towards Tuas. After I past Eng Neo Road exit, I saw vehicles switching on thier hazard light. I told my wife, there might be a road accident infront.

My guess is true, from afar, I saw one Yamaha Model FZ16 ST, dark blue in color was badly damaged. A malay couple in their early 30s was beside that said bike, lying on e ground of Lane 1.The wife was shouting and reciting do’a (prayers) to e husband. Husband was semi-conscious, serious head injury, lying in an awkward position. He was coughing blood.

No one stopped!! Most vehicle switch on hazard light and didnt rendered assistance. Everyone simply drove away. Mind you, this RTA(road traffic accident) might happen 1 to 2 minutes ago, and no one came forward to assist?

Both of us attended to them. I parked my bike at lane 1 to cautious other road user. My wife went to the pillion while I attended to the injured rider. ( I wonder, how come no one stop their vehicle at e accident scene, isnt that too difficult? What if other road user didnt see both of them on e ground at Lane 1 of e expressway )

Suddenly someone tapped me, a Chinese man, wearing all black, asked what he can do. Thank god, someone came. I asked him to activate ambulance, informed that rider pulse is low and breathing was slow.

I was with him for almost 5 mins. Conditioned dont look gd. He is coughing more blood till it stained my shirt.I know I cant let him be unconscious, cause that is e last thing I want it to happened. I was literally shouting to him in Malay, “Dont Give Up, Your Wife Needs You, stay awake, Be Strong.” His wife told me, her husband name is “Sahudin”. It broke my heart when she kept asking me to adzan her husband ear.

While I was with him, I witnessed 2 heartless driver. They drove as near as they could and wind down their window. Took out their mobile phone and face directly at us. Sad isnt it. Dont even have e guilty conscious nor having that sympathy for those victim.

I wished to compliment both TP officer and Paramedic(AB122* if i can remember) They responded to the incident within 5-6min. E moment paramedic came, they convey e injured victim to their ambulance and drove off. I was impressed with their professionalism.

I went to my wife and e injured pillion. I assured e pillion that medical assistance came fast and e paramedic will assist as much as they can. We left with a heavy heart.
I am a rider, I am not trained to handle RTA(road traffic accident) victim, but what I know, that little act, such as calling AB services, rendering moral support to e victim and etc might helped in such situation. Taking Video, Taking Pictures, Sending images to social media wont helped those victim. Pls dont be a pest cos one day, we may need others help.

If anyone know this rider, pls update me his situation. My prayers are with him. AMIN! Accident at PIE tuas Tuas

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