Really dont know what ITE is thinking , this is ridiculous . i recently read the post about ITE refusing to change the exam date 4 students that is interested in the CIP trip . after reading it , ive a feeling that my kid is in the same course as well .

he told me that there was a trip to china but he wouldnt get to go due to a test . he said the teacher told him to RECONSIDER as it is near test . but , he also got say is the last week of school 4 the term . y would any1 put exam date on the last day ?

think about it . if u pull forward the test date, the students get to go on the trip and take the exam

pros :
1) Take the exam
2) do CIP
3) get enrichment hours clocked in .

cons :
need to think of a new date ( is this very difficult ? )

isnt the killing 2 birds with 1 stone ? (more than 2 birds actually ! )

is changing the date really so hard ? NO !

if there really is trouble pulling forward the exam , then y not just do it after holidays ? can let the students got more time to study also ! better results = Better for School also !

this is so contradicting ! if u dun wan students to go then u tell them about the trip 4 what ?!
please see to this issue !

my son is really very keen on going to teach and help the less fortunate .

Mdm T
A.S.S. Contributor

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