To the editor,

I read your article:

I also encountered rude service from the servers at that store in Old Airport Road. You can read my review on their page.

Such people need to learn that not everyone owes them a living. If they cannot at least be polite, then they don’t deserve a single cent from consumers. Please warn everyone about them.

“Juz another feedback on the old airport branch. I have chosen yr stall from the other wanton mee stall nearby simply because i like yr the taste of yr product. Having said that my main grouse is the simply courtesies from yr staff. Maybe the working conditions (heat n crowd) doesn’t allow for her to exercise simple manners but the way she scolded me its as if i had made some life threatening errors in my orders!!!

1st occasion: I wanted wanton soup. They were out of it. So she chided me for not knowing?? Huh? How am i to know?

2nd Occasion: I forget to bring my receipt as my table was quite a distance so i juz asked her is this mine. Before i cud say the no she shouted at me “don’t u know you have a number? Of course my reply was sorry.

3rd Occasion : i ordered saying “wanton mee dry and before i cud say the price she shouted again. Again i said sorry.

4th Occasion: i decided to order correctly this time saying all correctly but nothing seems ok for her as i paused for juz exactly 2secs then told her more chilli. I got shouted at again why dun u tell me earlier? It was only 2secs later am i to be ridiculed in front of the rest of yr patrons? This time I didn’t say sorry but was fuming and i held back. Thks to my wife.

I’m an old man I really don’t need such abuse for a bowl of noodles. Juz my feedback to you. You may still be getting patrons who r loyal but soon enuf you will lose more if you think I’m exaggerating! Thks”

A.S.S. Contributor

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