I worked for the PA for about 6 yrs as a yoga teacher; was underpaid and received no work benefits whatever.

I was told that it is all for community services. However, they (PA) charged residents for the courses and pay us about 50% (after taxes etc.,). I was unable to get jobs working outside as a trainer.

One reason is due to price differences; students will wonder why this teacher charging different prices in PA and in private studios. Another is the bad reputation of PA trainers. I was however, unaware of all these and continued working there in hopes of getting more students, classes and fees increments.

However after a few yrs and paying to work there, i got depressed more than ever. My classes and pay remains the same.

After i created a huge hullaballoo and left PA, I hired attorney Chung Ting Fai to seek justice. However, 1 letter costs $150, how many letters can i afford to write? After i paid for 1 letter, i decided to let the matter rest and focus on other things. Our pay checks are always delayed 3 to 6 mths: as the people who sign our checks are always on vacation. I later found out that these people are sent overseas to build “Government base” overseas.

Do u know how much my Ah Gong’s family invested overseas?

Even comfort cab is in operation in London.

Oh i talked too much as usual, better stop now or my rice bowl in trouble again.

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