13 year old Glenda Zhang of Zhong Hua Secondary School has been found 5 days after she was reported missing.

Glenda’s family had made a missing person report on 9 April 2016. Her uncle and mother’s friend, Alice had shared her photo on social media to seek help to locate her.

Glenda had skipped class together with a male classmate. She claimed that she was bullied in school and hence she decided to skip class.

Both Glenda and her classmate had been missing for 5 days. The police found them on 11 April in Toa Payoh estate.

They were tired, hungry and broke. A man working at a convenience shop had offered them some food.

Glenda’s mother thanks those who have tried to help locate her daughter. She wants to know more about the bullying that has been troubling Glenda.

Earlier in an interview, Glenda’s distraught mother had said she did not know why Glenda had disappeared and wished that she returned home safely so that she can find out why.

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