I would like to relate to you about meeting this young boy on the MRT.

On the 17th March 2016, during the last school holiday, I boarded the MRT at the Yishun MRT station at about 1 pm.

In front of me was an old Chinese gentleman who walked with the aid of a walking stick.

When we boarded the train, going towards Orchard, the train was quite packed and all the seats reserved for senior citizens were taken.

As this old man stood beside me by the door, immediately a young Indian boy stood up to give up his seat for the senior citizen even though the boy was sitting a few seats away from the door.

At the same moment, a young man also gave up his seat for the same senior citizen, who then took that seat.

The boy still stood up, waiting for me to take his seat. I gently told him to sit back down.

I was very impressed and taken by this young boy. I then asked him, ‘Why did you stand up to give up your seat?’.

He replied that that was what he had been taught by his teachers in school, and also because he had been taught by his father to show proper respect for senior citizens.

I then replied that, ‘But I don’t see other young children doing what you do!’, to which he gave me an big-eyed look and blushed.

During the ensuing conversation, I found out that his name is Krishnakaanth, and he is in Primary 5 at Fuchun Primary School. He is here on a dependant pass.

He is from Tamil Naidu. He lost his mother when he was just one and a half years old.

He was on his way to visit and spend the whole day with his father who works shifts as a food court manager at an eatery, Venus Catering and Restaurant. He does that at least once a week, so that he can get to see his father who, due to work, lives separately from him.

I asked if he had a hand phone, to which he replied in the negative.

I then asked what his hobbies are. He replied that he loves reading, and gets most of his books from the school library.

I would really like to commend Krishnakaanth, such a well brought up young man, who displays filial piety to his sole remaining parent, and really takes to heart what he has learnt in school.

Madam Sarah Leong
A.S.S. Contributor

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