In Singapore one short taxi trip that the meter showed S$4.95 turned out to be S$16.20. See all the surcharges such as the ridiculous high S$8 fee for booking.

The hotel I stayed had a few taxis standing by to take passengers in a hurry for extra S$8 fee. …so that’s why so few available taxis on the road when they could stay at hotels’ extra S$8 Fee Queues Taxi line at peak time.

The real fault lies with Hotels who had called a few for the convience of the hotel guests….but is unfair to others in the street waiting for one. I had needed one on Monday morning and was asked by the Hotel if I would like to call for a taxi. I agreed and expected them to call but was surprised that the few taxis there was those they had precalled.

The Singapore Goverment should deal with this ‘Taxi Issue’ that almost all tourists are unhappy with the multiple extra charges (e.g. ERP and peak hour 25%) on top of the meter fare.

In HK one can get a cross-harbour taxi for that inclusive of Tunnel Fee. In HK there is no surcharge for after midnight (unlike Singapore 50% surcharge) or the ridiculous high taxi booking fee of S$8.00 (HK$45) while in HK is HK$5 (S$0.85)

A.S.S. Contributor

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