Good day to you A.S.S. Admins.

I’m sending this message to you to express my thoughts with regards to the post about the “pinoy t-shirt” thing. I am a Filipino professional who’s also working here at Singapore and I have been enjoying my work, my stay, the people I work with and the rest of Singapore. Actually, I envy your country and I’m hoping that soon our country would also be as safe and productive as your. I’m saying that without even a drop of “kiss-ass”.

But with regards to the post on the “pinoy tshirt” I also feels its overboard to print our flag on top of your country map. I apologize in behalf of my fellow Filipino who did this. But for the comments of your readers and followers, its just a bit disappointing that for a country who’s against racism, it seems like theres so much hate against us Pinoys. Though it is also true some of the Pinoy Domestic Helpers are a bit rowdy and loud during their day off on Sundays (which I don’t like as well and I apologize too in their behalf), that doesn’t mean that all Pinoys are like that.

There are lots of Pinoy Professionals also that work in SG who are law abiding, mild mannered and soft spoken. I would be honest with you that the comments I’ve read in that article posted was a bit offensive for a Filipino like me. But most of us would just keep quiet about it to avoid any more insults. I deal with Singaporean customers on a daily basis and some of my regular customers like the service that us Pinoys give. I even have a Singaporean friend who’s a celebrity DJ in the Philippines and is also a celebrity here who loves Pinoys and our country at the same time. Lastly most of the members in the team that I manage are locals and they are all family to me.

What I’m saying here is, I do hope that that article of yours wouldn’t be generalized for all Pinoys staying in SG. As Admins of your FB Page, I hope you guys would somehow strike a balance in the posts, especially when it deals with different races. For example why not post a picture of Pinoy tourists wearing the I Love SG tshirts…

Well, this has been too long of a message. Thanks for taking time in reading it and more power to your page.

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