Dear A.S.S,

Grab Car Would like to let your company keep an eye about this driver.

Had on call in the morning due to my daughter lateness for school. using Grab apps to on call and selected paid by card. But when reach destination. Driver refuse to let me daughter alight and insist she have to make cash payment. ( kindly look into the photo beside Estimated fare. a small box stated ( CARD ).

I send the screen shot to my daughter and ask her to show the driver that mummy had pay by card. But driver refuse to listen and was shouting at my daughter, while holding on to the phone.

I heard clearly that driver was damn harsh to my daughter. I was anxious as my daughter are late for school. Leave my contact with driver and ask him speak to me instead and he rejected. Until i ask my daughter to ignore him and alight but he was acting violently against my daughter. My daughter was scare and pass the phone and let me speak to him instead.

Driver was screaming at me and refuse to listen what i said. And keep saying he doesn’t wanna send my daughter for FREE. That’s ridiculous as i been using this apps for months.

After i tried calling customer support driver call me back and said it’s settle in an impolite and rude manner.

I was piss off and told him, since you are screaming this way, isn’t you suppose to apologize to me.

He reply me, why should him as it wasn’t his fault.

Hereby would want GRAB CAR in charge to penalize the driver.

I want you to get back to me about this.

Sharon Lim
A.S.S Contributor

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