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On 12 Apr 16, I was browsing thru SG Carmart looking for a used car. When I came across an ads selling a New 5 years renew COE Toyota Vios post by Gooddays Auto located in 61 Ubi Ave 2 #08-04. I decided to enquire about the car from this car salesman from Gooddays Auto, his name is Dave Ong H/p 93633636. I text and asked about the maximum loan period that I could take and the interest rate.

He replied that I could take up 90% loan and whether I’m free to view the car. As he did not really answered to my questions, I decided to sent him the same text again.

Dave Ong then replied the same answer again. But after about 4mins later, Dave Ong sent me a text and state that, Sir, don’t you feel ashamed to asked this type of enquiries? At that moment I felt Wow! What kind of service is this? Did I asked the wrong questions? I hope that the management of Gooddays Auto will look into this incident as I felt that Dave Ong was not being professional in his duties. But anyway, I told myself that I should count myself lucky as I did not close the deal with him. I just can’t imagine that the after sales service from Dave Ong.


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