My coy admin is 27 years old. He has N levels and is an ITE grad only.

If u are ITE grad, what u expect ah? Drive Ferrari stay condo hard.

He kept on Complaining, complaining, complaining. Blame economy, blame foreigners, blame pap.

I ask him y u dun work hard to earn more. He says he work VERY HARD liao.

I told him to start studying and take private o lvl the a lvl then go good uni.

He refused. Say lazy and ma fan. O lvl and a lvl for ginnas, he too old.

Plus he says uni grads everwhere, now got degree is useless.

Knn. Lydat which part work very hard? Knn.

Degree uesless then ite satki ah? Every day sit answer phone call, carry kopi for ppl

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