Dear Dr Koh Poh Koon,

Your fellow Singaporeans fully knows that HDB is NOT a bank but always look at it as a government organization and a provider of cheap homes inasmuch as they know that the CPF Board is also not another bank but a vault that holds their savings till 55 years of age.

Thanks to you sir for reminding your fellow Singaporean that HDB isn’t a “bank”.

Honestly, I never knew that we Singaporeans could be considered as so stupid and doesn’t know how to distinguish between a bank and a benevolent provider of homes.

Dr Koh, by making the remark that HDB is not a bank, I feel that you may think that a majority of us may be unlettered or illiterates and hence a hopeless lot.

I am not be a “mind reader” nor any expert in body language but I don’t blame you.

You may be true to think that we Singaporeans are not an intelligent lot..

Thank you anyway, if you ever think in this manner. I do not blame you. It is the very same people to be blamed who voted you into Parliament.

But many of us aren’t……

Sir, let me tell you in all humility that we aren’t simple nincompoops but a proud people and educated ones too.

Surprisingly, some of us may even be better then you although we may not be experts on carcinoma or other debilitating diseases.

We are children of Parents who may have been uneducated farmers and who stayed among fowls, pigs and bovines but we do surely know our true past and respect our forefathers..

We also do not call ourselves “sons of this or that” for we know the true tough life our parents went through in raising and educating us.

Your statement (about HDB isn’t a bank is going to become infectious and may spread far and wide.

Please apologise.

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