About two weeks ago, I emailed to the Ministry of Education, with the support of concerned parents, to address the issue of propagation through the workbook ‘LKY: Follow the Rainbow, Go Ride It’

It has been 12 days since I emailed to MOE and its heads and yet no reply. Below is the letter I sent to the Ministry:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Last week on Wednesday 23rd March 2016, news about 200,000 copies of the workbook entitled ‘LKY: Follow The Rainbow, Go Ride It’ published by Straits Times Press, developed by the Straits Times School team and sponsored by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd and SP Services. These were reported in major local news outlets to be soon to be made available to schools and targeted to youths aged 13-18 years old.

This is not the first time that books for our young were used to spread this particular political message. The first book called ‘What’s Inside The Little Red Box’, also published by Straits Times, was targeted at children as young as three to seven years old.

We do agree to a certain extent that Mr Lee did his part and was involved actively in the growth of Singapore and its success but the overplaying of his contribution at the expense of others makes our beautiful nation somehow more North Korea than a democratic southeast Asian nation. This was alluded to by Professor Lee Wei Ling herself in a widely circulated facebook post.

These youths are minors and we strongly feel that instead of corrupting their minds for partisan political interests, we should be providing them with the best in education, encourage them to speak up and think out of the box. This kind of critical thinking can do wonders for them and for our society.

Jufri Salim

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