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Since LTA now require private car drivers to take up taxi driver vocational license, it should also reform existing taxi industry to optimize the customer experience for all commuters.

1) Those who those take taxi at peak hour will know, many taxi drivers like to put change shift, tell you they only go certain area etc. So LTA should set a rule, if a driver is not willing to drive a customer to a destination, he should always put busy sign and directly proceed to change shift. He should not stop and then reject the commuter. Commuters who see a taxi driver reject them, can take a photo of the cab and its license plate and send to LTA.

2) LTA should implement 3 strikes and ban system. If a taxi driver get 3 strikes, it’s straight ban of the vocational license. This helps to prevent drivers to jump to other companies when they already got complained multiple times.

3) LTA should implement a policy where during peak hours, taxis which are parked in car parks will get a strike. I notice many taxis which are parked stationery in carparks when people need one. So if commuters spot taxis lying around with no one driving, they should take a photo and send to LTA via the OneService Mobile App so LTA can take appropriate action against these cars.

4) If a taxi put a green sign but did not stop and change sign and the commuter can show proof of the video that the taxi doing it, they should be able to send the video using the app to LTA and LTA can take appropriate action accordingly.

5) Also, all taxi should be able to produce taxi receipts by default. If printer spoil or whatever excuse, the trip should be free. Just like in some eateries, where they put “if no receipt is given, this meal is free”. Same thing for the taxi drivers.

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