I was on the train when I saw this Eurasian boy approaching everyone around asking for money (12 April, 7pm, EW Line).

He claims to have lost his wallet at Commonwealth station, and is supposed to make a couple of train trips to pick up and deliver some parcels (Raffles hotel to Geylang) for his parents before heading home to Bishan. He needs $7 to buy 3 x single trip tickets to last the day.

His story doesn’t make much sense – how did he know he lost his wallet at Commonwealth? Also, why is he asking for advance money (3 train trips) which he is yet to spend? Wont a normal person ask for that money at the control station so that people can help buy the ticket? It just doesnt seem like something someone who lost his wallet would do.

He puts on a dramatic show of anguish and frustration whenever he gets rejected.

After I rejected him, a girl standing behind me tapped on my shoulder to tell me that she’s glad I didn’t give him the money. He approached her some time ago on the same EW line (different day) with the exact same story.

I witnessed him collecting money from a guy (i think he gave less than $7) and at Outram when masses of people came and go, he went around with the same story, requesting for $7 again (wait a minute, shouldn’t he be asking for less?).

I had to alight the train as I was running late for an appointment, but I managed to snap some photos of him to share on Facebook.

If any of you or your friends have been approached by this guy before, but on a different date / time, feel free to leave a comment in this post.

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