Today, I heard from someone very close to me that she’s a racist and that she hates my boyfriend (who’s Indian, I’m Chinese) because he’s ‘black’. She proudly declared it to me. It didn’t come as a shock to me initially because I always knew she was a closet racist, as are many people her age here in Singapore. The strange thing was, my boyfriend and I have been together for over four years and she had always welcomed and greeted him with a smile and some obligatory small talk.

So on this day, she let it all go on me and briefly mentioned something about ISIS. Was it the sudden outburst of terrorism and violence that had unleashed her unhappiness? I couldn’t argue. She was manically shouting about hating ‘black’ people and Muslims. Basically, all people of colour to her was ‘smelly’ and ‘disgusting’.

I had to stop her there. I had taken offence long enough. I started quoting something MLK said off my head and she immediately went like, yeah but he’s black. So I replied with a startled “AND?” And she replied me with a swift sentence, “he’s black. So is Obama and his entire family. He’s a disgrace.”

This woman I’m writing about is a pretty decently educated Chinese middle class female in Singapore that watches and reads the news daily and frequently. Yet being in this time and age with information readily available to her via her 5 handy Apple gadgets, she was still adamant on her stance. Funny thing is, she isn’t THAT religious. She only takes attendance on special occasions. So why was she hating other religions that aren’t her own? It irked me to hear her bash other religions so aggressively. This isn’t strange of course. Hateful religious groups are rampant the world over. But she woke me up.

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