I am a Chinese edu. Any one know, what is Chinese edu? To be honest, my Pri and Sec School, every subject was teach in Chinese, yes, included English. So, what can I expect for my “O”? Of cause unable to do well for my EL2, yes el2, not EL1. I has no place to go, because no more Chinese edu “A”. So, the only place I can go was the STI, today the ITE.

It look like this the end of my life. Because ITE with Chinese edu background, what can I expect. Truth enough, after NS, I had very hard time to get a job. Because I realised, all, not most, the job interview was conduct in English, in which I didn’t and can’t answer or understand most of the questions during interview. At the end, only manage to get a technician job. Because this job required to work in high temperature environment, therefore the company unable to get anyone to join them. I realised, this not what I want.

After some years, working experience. I decided to took up a Degree. Because I know, without it, I will forever earning the 2000 and always a low skill junior workers.

Today, I had a science degree, good job, and don’t had to worry about FT to replace me.

Self help save me. Government unable to help me, beside myself.

A.S.S. Contributor

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