UPDATE: The wife of the car driver involved in the accident has come forward to give more details and request for video cam evidence to assist in their reporting.

“Hi all singapore stuff.

I just want to clarify the story in case my sister didn’t get it right.

Husband was going towards SGH, CTE exit Outram rd (exit 1B i think?) when this white Peugeot van GBE6779Y decided to cut the lane then jam brake. However, due to the heavy rain and slippery road, eventhough he jambraked, he could not stop in time. Thus, this.

Unfortunately, we do not have a camera. So we did not have proof of the act. WHY?

Actually we decided to settle privately. So why the big hoohaa? If the van driver coorperated (which he himself say settle privately, in the end? ), this wouldnt be a big issue. But no, he decided to be cb and took the advantage to try and con us for 9k! WOW. So we had to pay 4k to our car rental company for the damages for both the car and the van’s, which the rental company do their part to fight for us.

I know its hard since we suaysuay hit the vehicle from the back. But maybe just a little luck be on our side abit, maybe someone might have proof of him in the act. He cut the line and jambraked, and we have to pay a such huge amount? This is unfair. And we are not rich. We also never suka2 rent car. We drive to earn too.

So we only ask if anyone with videoproof, please help us. Atleast we have proof so he cannot tekan us.

Thanks so much!”


I will share this on behalf of my sister and brother.

My brother was otw to SGH when suddenly this White Peugeot Van PURPOSELY cut the lane my brother was driving. This reckless driver wanted to jambraked but he couldn’t stop in time due to the heavy rain and slippery road. Unfortunately, the rental car my brother and sister rent does not have a camera,so there’s no proof of the act.

Then this driver tried to claimed $9k from my brother and sister for the damages when they are only suppose to pay $4k. We are neither rich nor poor but $4k is already too much. What else if its $9k?

Pls SHARE aeound and ALERT this ‘act pandai’ driver if you know him.
The driver’s plate number is GBE6779Y.

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