Subject: Halal mixed with pork machine

Hi i need clarification please.

There is these post in fb saying that a korean man translate the ingredients of the samyang fore noodles and they said that it is halal but they share the machine to produce the chilli paste and pork.

Is this true?

Do you guys share the same machine with pork.

Please read attched.

Please reply to me as soon as possible.

Nana Faris

Samyang’s repoy to Nana Faris & others

Dear Sheena Toni,
Halal hot chicken share the same factory building as non -halal noodes, but halal noodles are produced in proprietary (specific) production lin separate from non-halal noodles.
Thus it would be appreciated if you could inform your acquaintance of the fact that Halal hot chicken has Halal certified.

For your information, please find the copy of halal certification and photos taken for halal line.
thanks for using Hot chicken as always.

Changsoo Lee,

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