Today i witnessd a very heroic act by a paintballer to save a fellow paintballer’s life on a tournament field.

This paintballer suffered a suspected heart attacked and collapsed on the field after his game. Our hero who is a trained Paramedic, administered CPR continuously and never gave up hope even though he could not get a pulse for 27 minutes. Until the ambulance came and took this paintballer to the Hospital.

This brave and heroic act saved this paintballer who is now alive but still in critical condition.

Kudos to this hero and please name and praise him for his selfless act of heroism. Let others know so that he gets teh credit he deserves for saving a life and leading and handling the situation with full professionalism. Kudos also to all the other Paintballers who assisted and performed the CPR onour fellow paintfaller in need.

You all have my fullest respect and admiration. Thank you thank you.

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