Sunday Evening, 3rd April my family and I headed over to Geylang’s Scissor’s Curry Rice for dinner and parked along the parallel stretch of parking.

During our dinner, we sat a short distance from our car. Soon, I saw a white car SJD2147H- Mr. Chua came along and parallel parked behind mine.

As we were leaving, I noticed some white marks at the bumper area and saw that my car was being scratched. I walked towards the driver’s side of Mr. Chua’s car I noticed matching red marks on his.

I looked around for the owners and recognized his passenger whom my sister approached and asked if the car belonged to them. She explained that they have accidentally scratched our vehicle but he replied ok then continued to queue. I walked over and approached him, this time he ordered and decided to reply us by asking if we were sure that it was his vehicle.

We walked out of the coffee shop and he acknowledged that the white vehicle was his and agreed after he saw the paint exchange on both vehicles.

I asked for his particulars which he then only provided his business card and upon further probing offered his driver’s license. He then mentioned that this requires only some polishing and paint job. I mentioned that I will go to my groomer’s place to get it done and he agreed to pay. We the left with an agreement.

On Monday, after the works, I telephoned him. Upon finding out my identity, he immediately said he was with a customer and told me he would call me back, he did not on Monday.

I waited till Tues to call him again at 5 pm. Again, upon learning my identity, he said he could not talk and would call me back in 30 mins. He did not, after I called relentlessly, he called back and said, e-mail him the bill, he will pay me and call me back by Wed, 6th April 2016 2pm but he did not.

I have given a week’s window and yet still no reply even after the email, calls and whatsapp.

I am so angry at him but I still can’t reach him! Not so much about the money spent to do it up but the irresponsibility and disregard!

Angry Bystander
A.S.S. Contributor

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