Interesting start to the day.

I went for breakfast this morning before my first meeting. Parked the car at the side of the road and forgot to place a coupon. While walking back to my car, I saw a parking attendant officer giving a ticket to someone nearby.

My first reaction was to immediately look further ahead and see whether I’ve received one for myself. And to my dismay, I noticed from a distance what looked like a certain ticket, and I quickly thought to myself, “Wow, what a start to the week.”

But as I got closer to my car I realised that it wasn’t a ticket. Instead, somebody had placed a coupon on my car’s windshield. My disappointment quickly turned into surprise, relief, and gratitude.

Many of us would think that a 50cent coupon isn’t such a big deal. But I see it as a blessing that’s valued so much more. For a start, a fine could’ve possibly cost me 100 times more at $50. This act of random kindness needs to be shared with the hopes that more will do the same, and to show that we can all do our part to help others get through what could be a difficult day or week.

Also, if you were on the receiving end of such gestures, remember to consciously search for opportunities to pay it forward.

We were all created on this earth not just to receive blessings, but we were created to be a blessing to all. And to the anonymous person who ‘saved’ me today, thank you, may you blessed abundantly, in more ways than one.

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