Last Wednesday, as my Dad turned his taxi (please don’t be biased and stereotype from the start) into a carpark at West Coast Drive, Block 507 and switch on his hazard light, ready to reverse into the first lot (as depicted in photo), a lorry (GY7201B) driver drove up close to my Dad’s rear bumper, preventing him from reversing. My Dad waited for the lorry to pass, but the lorry didn’t budge. To his surprise, this lasted for a good minute and the lorry driver actually came out of his lorry and knocked on my Dad’s door, telling him in an aggressive manner “I want to park here!”. My Dad, not understanding why he has to give in to the lorry driver’s unreasonable demand refused. I mean, why does he HAVE to give up an empty lot when there’re so many lots around??? But after some exchange of words, my Dad decided to move off to another lot, because this situation was just too ridiculous.

My Dad went to the coffee shop to take his break and amazingly, the lorry driver has the balls to approach him again to provoke him again! My Dad has already given up the lot to him, what else does he want!? He provoked my Dad, they exchanged more words, and the lorry driver actually dare hit my Dad in the face!! My Dad, not being the weaker party, of cause hit him back. But mind you, my Dad is in his 60s!

The lorry driver mentioned he wanted to call the police but didn’t have the guts to do so. He tried to leave but my Dad stopped him before calling the police himself. The police came and took statements. The police asked both parties if they wanted to pursue the matter, and both parties said no, and so my Dad thought this was over. He even stopped me from posting this when he told me about the incident last Wednesday.

But today, my Dad’s taxi company called him and told him there was a complaint against him. Like WTF?? When the police asked if he wanted to pursue, he said no; probably feeling guilty he hit my Dad first. But now he complains behind the safety of his telephone?? Such cowardness! And of course, he conveniently left out the part of him demanding the lot, him provoking my Dad, and ultimately hitting my Dad in the face.

Shame on you, lorry driver, for being a bully. Shame on you for hitting a man in his 60s when you’re half his age. And shame on you for falsifying “facts” of your complaint. If I was your girlfriend or wife, I would be ashame of you. If I was your Mum, I would be shameful to raise a son that is so disrespectful.

You, lorry driver, are a coward. I dare you now. If you think I’ve wronged you, comment back, state your side of the story if you think mine is unjust. I used my real account, so I dare you too, to use your real account so that everybody can know your identity.

Lastly, my Dad has a dashcam. Though not recording the whole incident, it has at the very least recorded you demanding the parking lot and chasing my Dad off, thus starting the whole incident.

A.S.S. Contributor

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