SINCERELY PLEADING for eye-witnesses or drivers with in-car camera footages to come forward to assist in an accident which occured on 06 April 2016 (Wednesday) at 7.46pm, at the signalised Cross-Junction of Bedok Reservoir Road & Kaki Bukit Ave 1.

The accident involved a BLACK Toyota Camry and a SILVER Nissan Pickup Low-bed Lorry.

The Pickup crashed head-on into the right side fender of the Camry, resulting in a T-crash situation.

The driver of the Toyota Camry suffered injuries at the scene and was taken to Changi General Hospital by an ambulance.

I, the driver of the Toyota Camry was going straight towards Bedok Reservoir Road from Kaki Bukit Road 4 after work. My vehicle was still on the move approaching the Cross-Junction and as the traffic lights at the Cross-Junction turn from red to green in my favour to cross, I continued onwards.

Somewhere in the middle of the Junction, I was suddenly hit on the right side and the impact swerved my car to the left, and it came to a stop infront of a SBS transit bus and another car.

The impact was huge and all my car’s airbags were deployed and I was immobilsed.

The driver of the Pickup Lorry came out of his vehicle, but he did not render any help nor did he approach me at all.

However, the Pickup Lorry driver has claimed otherwise, stating that the traffic lights from his end was green, hence, he was not at fault. Therefore, I sincerely hope that any footage depicting the incident would surface in order to clarify this situation.

Attached below are the pictures taken by a friend of mine.

PS: One of my greatest regrets was that I did not have one of those in-car cameras installed. It is only in situations like these that I realised I needed one so much.
I urge all fellow drivers who have not installed those, to have them installed as soon as possible. Not only you may be able to help others but more importantly, you are protecting yourself.

Branden Tay

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