Dear Editor,

I read with much amusement, the antics of the wife of our prime ministar
regarding how she treats dissent from people whom she (or) her husband is
unable to sue. It is indeed very telling, on what kind of character a person
possesses which they sometimes unknowingly display much like the spouse of
the former PM Goh on the NKF scandal.

But however, their ending is always the same of an “honest mistake” which
only they are entitled to make and will ruthlessly devour their opponents if
they committed the same mistake. Besides, how much more lies would they like
us to believe when the timing of Mdm Ho’s posting coincides with Dr Lee’s
outpouring. This uncanningly mirrors the Tin Pei Ling cooling off incident
where she has been unable to produce the ‘Denise He’ that she claimed posted
the offending comment. Mdm Ho was also purportedly alerted to her profanity
by an imaginary friend. Such should not be the behaviour of political
dignitaries and their spouses and the public must demand better standards
than this. It is an injury to insult with the PAP government’s recent
propaganda for ‘a better internet’!

Dr Lee’s postings is not mere occasional ranting but comes with a deeper
significance as it exposes two fundamental flaws in the character of our
country, if I may put it this way. 1. That only the government and its
appointed cronies have the right of or freedom of speech. 2. The wrong mode
of honour was accorded to The Late LKY which is aesthetical in nature and not
based on true emulation of the values of the founding fathers.

I personally believed Dr Lee’s views that her late father will not want this
kind of North Korean style honours (with eraser flags or statues) but will
very much like his values of resilence and genuine meritocracy to continue
for generations to come and not superficial or artificial passing comments or
worse still, only invoked during elections. That was what she meant when she
insisted that she will not allow the good name of her late father to be
“sullied by a dishonourable son” and wants him to fight elections based on
his own merits!

Glenn Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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