ITE isn’t fair to all students. Recently I’ve noticed that my child’s test/exam date overlaps an overseas trip that the school is organizing. I asked my child to ask the teachers about it and he just simply says “oh then you won’t be able to go” Asked another subject teacher and she said “if it overlaps then your class advisor won’t allow you to go”

Note: the test date is still not confirmed (according to the subject teacher) If such is the case, shouldn’t the teachers discuss about adjusting the test schedule instead of discouraging students to go on the trip? Is results really everything?

I feel that such trips are actually very beneficial to the students as it teaches them different moral values and teaches them to have sympathy for the less fortunate. It also allows them to understand how blessed they are to have such wonderful facilities in Singapore. Yet teachers are saying students can’t go for the trip just because of a test? Wouldn’t Changing the test date solve the problem?

As a parent I would like my child to be able to go for the trip AND take his test/exam. My child was disappointed and told me that it’s definitely impossible for the test date to change although it’s not confirm yet as it takes agreement from all 3 colleges. But I still feel that you should be fair. Why take away a students chance to go oversea for CIP just because of a test? Please look into this and be fair!!

Anonymous Parent
A.S.S. Contributor

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