It was reported in local newspaper Straits Times today that 56 rats were caught at a Chinese restaurant in Orchard Road between Jan and Feb 2016.

This is after the rat infestation problem resurfacing again in Bukit Batok last month after major efforts to solve the rodent problem. Last month, a diner even complained that a rat fell down from the ceiling while she was waiting for her meal at The Coffee House eatery located at the Waterway Point mall in Punggol.

Many pest extermination companies revealed that there is actually a rodent problem along Orchard Road but they do not publicise it as Orchard is the main shopping belt for locals and tourists.

One pest company said they catch almost 50 rats within a month at a single Orchard Road shopping mall. He has also heard other pest companies catching up to 100 rats in the same time period.

But he also said the rodent problem in Orchard Road is under control as major establishments engage professional pest companies to solve the problem.

The National Environment Agency recorded about 6,700 rat-related complaints last year, up nearly 68 per cent from the 4,000 or so complaints in 2014.

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