After wading into the nuclear war between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his younger sister, Dr Lee Wei Ling, Ho Ching has decided to pull herself away from the familee feud.

This comes possibly after realizing that her posting a photo of a monkey pointing his middle finger is not the best solution to the acrimonious debate between brother and sister over how best to remember their deceased father, former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Read her account here.

“Peace, folks, and embarrassed apologies from this Twitter newbie.

Had been playing around with Twitter y’day, trying out different buttons, seeing what can or cannot be done.

Discovered Twitter reposts pictures without captions, and unfortunately one of the pictures could be misunderstood on its own.

Took down as soon as a friend alerted me.

There are enough troubles in the world. Far from adding oil to fires, I would prefer we try to solve and resolve problems, among friends, within families and between neighbours.

We grieve in different ways, and should leave space for each of us to come to terms with our loss.

Grieving is especially hard when tears come at unexpected moments.

I respect and deeply appreciate the many heartfelt commemorations, and understand those who prefer a more stoic approach.

Hopefully, the passage of time will help heal.

Many thanks too for all the kind wishes, sound advice and generous thoughts.

Take care, all, and have a good week and year ahead.

Ho Ching”

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