Dear Editor,

I have been living in Geylang Serai for the last 27 years and have seen the area undergone several aesthetical changes with no substance or historical value at all. The old Geylang Serai Malay Village was 1 such example.

But these days, it has become very annoying and a nuisance to see hordes of Indon maids and their Bangla boyfriends picnicking out in the last of our open fields and also the walkways on every Sunday and PH without fail. We Singaporeans are already very cramped for space and do not have much places for leisure, now we have to face this s**t as well. Moreover, these foreigners are here to work and not cuddle in each others arm or to make out.

This situation is mostly caused by those foreigners rights activists and the gang of pink dotters. I went to see Fatimah Lateef to ask her to propose that the government legislate half of all foreign domestic workers here to have their rest days on alternate Saturdays or Sundays so as not to jam up the streets or pressurise our already tensed infrastructure but she said she cannot do anything. This has also been the lousy excuse for her inability to curb the persisting illegal drug and cigarette peddlers in our sleazy ward.

With the blind cheque that Singaporeans gave to the PAP at the last elections, I wonder how much or what more nasty surprises they have planned that is coming our way until 2020 which I believe will include but not limited to, more support for only foreign entrepreneurs and the inclusion of barbaric new citizens to dilute our originality and the opposition support base, ever rising rentals and taxes as well as the deduction of the true Singaporean core to only menial jobs through “restructuring”. #Matilah Singapura

A.S.S. Contributor

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