I took up a foodstall with a private foodcourt operator in September 2015.
Signed for 1+1 year tenure period.

Rental breakdown as follows
Rental $3000
Cleaning Fees $800
Conservancy $150
Misc $100
Total $4050

My husband paid 2+1 months worth of security deposit and first month rental
with his retrencement package money. He has not been able to get a full time
job ever since then. He took up a job with a movers company and subsequently
did groceries delivery.

3 months into the business operations, we could not cope with tour finances
as the shop did not make much profit. Our daily average sales was $350. We
were unable to pay our rental and our suppliers, let alone our own bills. We
spoke tothe foodcourt operator to release us from the contract but they wnt
us to look for a replacement. We have asked around, advertised on facebook,
went to rental agents, and interested parties either backed off once they saw
the crowd, or got turned off by the rental rates.

During this time, we met with the foodcourt operator to ask for other ways
for us to go about with our early dismissal from the contract but to no

We still managed to run the shop for the next four months, as continued to
borrow money from our family mmbers just to sustain the shop\’s operations.

4 months down, we cannot hold any longer and gave up.

The foodcourt operator threatened us to pay the balance rental or they will
take legal action against us. There is a high chance that he will sue all of
us despite our bad financial shape.

This contract is signed by me and husband, both Singaporeas, and my mother as
a guarantor.

I really need help with this matter.

Before this, i got cheated by Banquet Investments and have been in debt ever
since. I do not know what to do.

I do not have much money to afford lawyers. I hope someone can help me and my
family with legal help or advice.

A.S.S. Contributor

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